Eames Chairs and Herman Miller chairs in China

//Eames Chairs and Herman Miller chairs in China

Eames Chairs and Herman Miller chairs in China

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Do you consider yourself a furniture connoisseur? Then you likely know of Eames chairs, which are luxurious furnishings first introduced in 1956. Charles and Ray Eames, a husband and wife duo, were the creative minds behind the design.

Eames chairs are a pioneer of modern-style furniture. They reflect the designers’ infinite creativity in transforming our homes and offices. That is, making the spaces more intimate, comfortable, and flexible and offering various colors to complement a range of interiors.

Additionally, when you hear Eames, think “design on demand.” The chair remains a classic that’s widely sought after by consumers despite years of other furniture companies making replicas and reproductions. With the furniture design patent only valid for 20 years, some classic Eames chairs are already being mass-produced in China.

You can’t tell an original Eames chair from a knockoff just by looking at pictures. However, they differ in quality and price considerably. Among the Eames chairs widely produced in mainland China are:

Eames chairs in China

No doubt the most widely produced Eames chair because:

  • It has a classic, concise, and modern design
  • Its production process is simple, making mass production easy
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s capable of being made with different materials

Consequently, the chair is very cost-effective, usually going for around US$43-48. Manufacturers supply the product to both domestic and foreign markets. Wholesalers from Europe and America in particular import the chairs in large quantities. They also focus largely on quality, specifically of the electroplating work and seat covers.

However, some wholesalers are not so sensitive to the quality of electroplating and handcrafted details. For this reason, the same chair design can cost you US$31-40. Be sure to confirm the quality of the chair with a sample before placing a bulk order. For more details, check out our replica of this Eames chair.

The Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair offered by Herman Miller is another design by Charles and Ray Eames. It has an elegant shape and is suitable for all types of home and office interiors.

The chair’s metal frame is made of aluminum alloy. Few companies open aluminum alloy molds due to the high cost of the process. Therefore, the quality of the chair tends to be relatively stable. Its leather seat covers are handmade.

Launched back in 1956, this era-leading design of Eames chair is as popular today as it was then. It also has a metal frame made of aluminum alloy, and its curved back plate is available in various colors. please visit hermanmiller official website: hermanmiller

The chair has a simple but elegant design and is comfortable to sit on. It costs US$2000 at the Herman Miller official store. But you can get a copy of this stylish and comfy chair in China for US$250. Imagine that.

Herman Miller chairs in China

Many such ergonomic Herman Miller office chairs were sold, mostly to the Middle East, Africa, and South America. However, selling to Europe and the United States markets is challenging due to patent issues. View more ergonomic seats here.

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