The manual for sourcing furniture suppliers in China

//The manual for sourcing furniture suppliers in China

The manual for sourcing furniture suppliers in China

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                      The manual for sourcing furniture suppliers in china

It is one big challenge for customers to source good furniture supplier in China. We introduce some ways to find good furniture suppliers.

Find reliable furniture suppliers in furniture Fair


China International Furniture Fair ( It’s usually held between 18th-21st March and 8th-11th September.


Most Furniture Factories in China attend CIFF. Gathers professional visitors from all over the world giving you a chance to interact and get new ideas.

Get to see the furniture yourself and discuss it with the sales expert face-to-face. Hosts over 4300 exhibitors giving you a chance to explore lots of varieties.

It is the best direct and convenient way to sourcing furniture suppliers in China.


Time limit since it’s only held in March and September.

Sourcing furniture supplier in Canton Fair  

Canton fair

( It’s specialized for the foreign trade business. Usually held around 23rd-27th April and 23rd-27th October.


Organizes the world’s largest self-organized exhibitions. Very Professional. Exhibits many other goods besides furniture.

It is a good way to source different professional goods suppliers in China


Mostly designed for foreign customers only.Time limit. The booth stand is very small such that big items can’t be shown in the booth stand.

The manual for sourcing furniture suppliers in Lecong Furniture Wholesale Market


The Most prominent wholesale furniture markets in Lecong are Louvre Furniture Mall, Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center, Shunde Empire Group,

Tuanyi International Furniture Group among others.


Lots of markets to choose furniture from. It’s opened all year round except the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. It’s size is expansive thus holds massive furniture.

Find reliable furniture suppliers in Louvre Furniture Mall  (

Louvre Furniture Mall

It’s a high-end furniture mall with excellent quality pieces. Advantages: High -quality furniture. Very luxurious environment. Great service. Gathers all the best Foshan

furniture manufacturers in one place, so you choose from the best.


High prices.

Almost 60% of the exhibition is not direct marketing by manufacturers.

Source good furniture supplier in Sunlink Furniture Wholesale Market

Sunlink Furniture Market

There are two areas in this market: the North and South area. The North area is better than the South area.


Good quality.

Affordable prices.

Variety of furniture.


The sales representative can’t speak English fluently.

They only accept cash payments.

They don’t offer shipping services.

Source reliable furniture supplier in TuanYin International Furniture Mall

TuanYin International Furniture Mall


Favourable prices.

You can find quality furniture especially if you’re professional enough to tell good quality.

The place is amazing.


The sales representative can’t speak fluent English.

You need to be professional enough to purchase good quality in this market.


Find these suppliers in China’s famous B2B websites:


It’s safe to work out deals from these websites. Alibaba even assists in checking of quality before the goods are delivered at a small fee.

You don’t need to travel all the way to China, you can purchase at the comfort of your home through the internet.


Some of these websites lack experience with furniture, thus they might not offer the best advice.


It is also very important to find a good sales representative. Not also fluent English, but also professional knowledge .good service. Finally, you need some luck. Hoping

you will succeed in sourcing a good furniture supplier in China. Please contact us: if you need any assistance.

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